I usually remix or re-edit songs just for the fun of it, and to fit some tracks better on my dj sets. I have been asked to upload them somewhere quite a few times, so, here you go!

(If you find a broken link please leave a comment so I can upload it again)

--I'm just remixing and uploading for fun--
no copyright infrigment intended!


Heeey ppl!

As you can see, I do not update the blog anymore, the whole youtube copyrights issue is beyond annoying, and since I'm only doing this for fun I don't have the time to re-upload stuff all the time. You can visit my soundcloud page where I upload samples of my latest efforts :-)

http://soundcloud.comConstantinos Saradis


Live Dj Set @ Blue Lake Nafpaktos - 2010/08/08

Just a little something to put on your mp3 player before you go on holiday. It is totally unedited and far from perfect (my wireless mouse gave up on me frequently due to low battery), but I hope you enjoy it!



Copyright problems

Due to copyright issues in some of my videos my main youtube account has been suspended and lots of posts on the blog have been taken down (Possibly the entire blog will be taken down sometime).

I respect the rights of the copyright owners and I will not re-upload any of them.

As a result, the blog does not contain everything I would like it to... That's ok, because it's something that I made just for the fun of it...

Also, I will not be uploading any new material until (at least) the end of the Summer season. I have lots of half-baked goodies and I cannot find the time to finish them all.

You can always connect with me on twitter and facebook and find out about new projects. Thanks for the support, the large number of downloads and the numerous emails you have sent me all these months.


Jus Jack - That Sound (Saradis Mix - Apr 2010)

I was given the chance to work on Jus Jack's really great new tune and really really enjoyed it! My remix is a part of a superb pack that is already out on Beatport and Juno. Here is a preview...

Get it from Beatport
Get it from Juno


The Subways - Rock N'Roll Queen (Saradis Mix - Mar 2010)

The rocknrolla original was quite a big hit thanx to the X factor in Greece, so I had to remake it for the dancefloor. The idea for the use of the vocals from the first verse was inspired by the tube&berger remix I found on youtube. Enjoy!

Download Full Version (256 Kbps)


Lorraine Mckane - Let The Night Take The Blame (Saradis Mix - Mar 2010)

So, today is was my birthday and I decided to finish up one of my latest projects. It's a remix of the flawless 80s Hi-NRG hit by Lorraine McKane with a little inspiration from Jam'n'Spoon's 'Right In The Night'. I hope you like it!!!

Download Full Version (256 Kbps)


Chimo Bayo - Asi Me Galvanize (Saradis Mashup - Feb 2010)

I just had to update this remix, I was so tired of playing it over and over, but it's one of your favorites. So... here it is, mashed-up with the famous Chemical Brothers hook!

Download (256 Kbps)


David Guetta + Akon - Sexy Bitch (Reedit)

I did this a couple of months ago, it's the original bomb by my hero mr. Guetta with a nice breakdown for the first verse of the song, leading to the chorus with a nice build up. Works great on every dancefloor ;-)
Download (256 Kbps)


Tokio Hotel - Monsoon (Luigi, John John + Saradis Mix - Jan 2010)

Another joint effort, and I think the result is quite good:-)

Download (256 Kbps)

Don't forget to check my partner's blog! http://dj-luigi.blogspot.com/


Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval (Saradis Mix - Jan 2010)

Carnival time!!! One of the greatest latin songs of all time remade for the dancefloor :-)

drop me an email for download links


Blur - Song2 (Saradis Party Mix - Jan 2010)

This is obviously not the first time someone remixes this party classic, I just did it for fun. I blended the original with my funky beats and snippets from the acapella of the early 90s house bomb "The Party" by Kraze. Enjoy!

Download Full Version (256 Kbps)

Lady Gaga - Bad Romance (Luigi + Flash, Saradis Mix)

Ga Ga ooh la la! A huge pop hit redone in a club-friendly style by two of my best friends with some retouching by me (I couldn't resist it!)

Download Full Version (320 Kbps)


Yoav - Club Thing (Saradis Mix - Jan 2010)

The Funkerman remix was superb, but I was tired of playing it after all these months, so I had to make my own. Club thing is definately one of my favorite songs of the 00s...

Download Full Version (256 Kbps)


Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms / Electricity (Saradis Mix 2 - Jan 2010)

I really can't get enough of messing with this amazing 90s song and this amazing 80s riff... You should expect a "mix 3" in the future :-p

Download Full Version (320 Kbps)


James - Getting Away With It (Saradis Mix - Jan 2010)

Happy New Year! I've been working on this for some days now, I really love the original and I think the remix style fits it really nice :-)

drop me an email for download links


Ominus + Dj S - Kante Paniko (Saradis + Luigi Mix - Dec 2009)

Our take on one of the biggest greek hip-hop club hits of the season!

Download Full Version (320 Kbps)


Timbaland Feat Soshy + Nelly Furtado - Morning After Dark (Saradis Mix)

I really admire Timbaland, he's a production mastermind (even when he recycles the same sounds, he does it in such a unique manner...) This is my take on his latest hit. Happy Holidays and a great 2010 to all!

Download Full Version (320 Kbps)


Rous - Exaireseis (Εξαιρέσεις) (Saradis, Luigi + John John Remix)

This is a little something we made after a great night out, and we had lots of fun in the process... No previews or waiting time, this is our holiday gift ;-)

Download Full Version (320 Kbps)


Saradis VS James Brown - Sex Machine (Full Version)

I have more than enjoyed playing it in my sets for a month and a half, so it's time for you to have it, as always in a full version plus a short/radio edit. I must admit this is one of my favorite remixes to date...


Saradis VS Mando Diao - Dance With Somebody (HQ)

I've enjoyed playing it in my sets, so it's time for you to have it, in the full version, and a shorter one for radio use or for those of you who get bored with full club versions. I think the original song was well worth its success all over Europe, and its lyrics make it a perfect club track as well. The dance remixes that came out officially were a bit too hard for my taste so I made one which I like better. After all that's my rule... for the fun of it!

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